Parked out front.

Parked out front.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Big Drive.

Well, I fixed the leak by removing the return line to the gas tank. I replaced the turbo fuel filter with a simple straight through filter. I then blocked off the return line and reran the fuel line to the carb so that the pressure regulator is much easier to adjust.

After testing for leaks, I did some short drives around town and everything seemed to go well. I decided a long drive was in order after all the work on the car. A friend of mine was having a barbecue in Sandy Valley which is about 50 miles away so I decided the Corvair was the way to go.

The drive went without a hitch. The mountain pass was a little sketchy because of the curves and the hills, but the car ran great. I'll be driving it more and more. I think I may be ready for paint as well.


So the skinny on springs. Clark's does seem to have stock springs. I think I'll stay on a holding pattern again at least for now. Its really about the cost since I would have to buy the shocks, pay to have them installed and pay again to have them aligned. I just spent all that money doing that the first time so I don't feel like doing it again soon.

We'll see.

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