Parked out front.

Parked out front.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Spoils, no... Spoiler

One tiny project I should do right away (if the weather would warm up a little) is install the spoiler on the front end of the car. Even though the 65 did not have a spoiler installed, its recommended to add a 66 to it for the added handling on the freeway. The spoiler adds about 150 pounds of downward force to the light front end which is exactly what I need.

I could always go the route of dropping some weight in the trunk. Um... No

Should be a 15 minute job, heck, I already have the spoiler!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Out on the Toy Run
Well, the car has been running great. I've been taking it out once a week just to keep it from sitting idle. I would classify it as a Sunday Driver right now. There is still plenty of work to do, but its becoming a reliable driver.

This past Saturday we took it to the yearly Toy Run. Cars of all types go down to Henderson to donate toys and have a good time. There were over 100 cars there and one Corvair, mine. Many people came over to talk and most told a similar story of how they had one or they knew somebody who had one. All the comments were positive.

We then all got into our cars and followed Santa (being pulled by a classic Cutlass Convertible) to the elementary school with gifts in hand. The kids were waiting for us and Santa passed out the gifts. It was a great time had by all. Link to more photos from the Toy Run.

Top Priority
So now the big issue is the detonation (Knocking) I get when the turbo is boosting. The car runs great when the turbo is not in use, but when it winds up, the car starts knocking bad. I have a few options. First I need to make sure the pressure retard unit is working correctly. I can try to activate it while the car is idling with a bike pump or something while I have a timing light on it. If it proves to be working okay, than I may need to install a safeguard system that will listen for knock and adjust the timing accordingly. That is the best option. I've looked into water injection systems, but the kind I was looking into would be damaging to the turbo over time. My best bet is the Safeguard. First I'll check the diaphragm for the retard unit though.

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