Parked out front.

Parked out front.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time for new Points

So as I mentioned 9(!) month ago, I missing some power when I boost. I've changed the coil and the plugs with some fancy high end plugs. What I haven't done is replace the points. My next purchase will be a tune-up kit with new points, rotor, condenser and distributor cap. I could go with the pertronix electronic points, but I think I'll keep it old school and see how it goes.

A Noisy Lifter

Well, with all things Corvair, once one thing is fixed a new thing breaks. This time its the Lifter. I don't think its really broken, much. It could be loose.

I've talked to my mechanic, he said he would take a look at it and we'll move on from there.

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