Parked out front.

Parked out front.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Time for new Points

So as I mentioned 9(!) month ago, I missing some power when I boost. I've changed the coil and the plugs with some fancy high end plugs. What I haven't done is replace the points. My next purchase will be a tune-up kit with new points, rotor, condenser and distributor cap. I could go with the pertronix electronic points, but I think I'll keep it old school and see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

A few suggestions, if I may.

1. The fancy, high dollar spark plugs seem not work well in a Corvair turbo. Try any of the below.

Bosch Super -7502 WR8AC
Super Plus - 7902 WR8AC+
Nippondenso - W16FS-U

2. Flame Out. Stock type Corvair turbos will not have 'flame-out'. Common issues are ignition miss or some other type of break down of the primary or secondary ignition system. When this happens, will get popping and or stumbling under boost.

If you have a lack of power, i.e., are just not getting boost, then either your turbo needs to be rebuilt, or you have an intake leak or an exhaust leak which is preventing boost.

3. Ignition System. The ignition system is very critical on a turbo Corvair and all parts must be high quality. Sadly, most parts available today are not high quality, but low cost. Make sure you get a distributor cap which has brass or copper contacts, same with the rotor.

Best if the cap and rotor are epoxy and not plastic. A high quality ignition coil is a must. If you can find an epoxy one, great. If not, get a high quality oil filled one.

3. Carburetor. The stock YH carb can be a source of trouble. Most people do not understand how they work or how they are suppose to work correctly. There is a very big difference between a correctly working carb and one which does not work as it should. This will really make or break how well your engine runs.



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